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What is OneID's age verification?

OneID's age verification product is a unique service that enables people to take control of their identity online, helping them to secure and simplify their digital life.

It works by allowing people to use their existing bank-verified identity to confirm their age with online sites and services that they trust. There is no need for fiddly form filling or lengthy identity checks. 

How does OneID's age verification work?

Many of the sites and services consumers use online already use a range of identity-checking services. OneID uses a customer’s existing bank-validated identity to simply and swiftly verify that they are of age before purchasing an age-restricted item or service.  

Businesses pay a small fee to the bank for providing this validated identity data. This helps banks and businesses while keeping the customer in control at all times.

Why is age verification important for my business?

As online shopping is on the rise, it is easier for minors to purchase age-restricted items such as alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and hazardous substances and equipment. 

To avoid breaking laws and regulations, it is important for businesses to verify their customers' ages simply and securely without hindering swift customer experiences. 

How do I integrate OneID's age verification onto my shop platform?

OneID is built for integration into many different platforms. Schedule a chat with a member of our team and we will be happy to help you with this.