Real-time age verification for age-restricted items with OneID®

Verify a customer's age using bank-verified data in a way that is simple and secure with our age-verification solution for tobacco-based products.

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A simple and secure way to verify customers' ages in real-time

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Why is age verification important?

It’s much easier for children and teen smokers buying e-cigarettes and tobacco-based products online than in-store. 

As consumers continue to move online, this presents a huge challenge for retailers, as it is their responsibility to meet legal requirements that prevent the sale of tobacco-based products to anyone under the age of 18. 

You can make sure your business is compliant with age-restriction laws and regulations by using a secure age verification solution. 

OneID® Age Verification is document free, works in seconds, and is simple to integrate. Keep both your business and your customers safe by verifying the age of your customers securely with OneID®. 

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What applicable age verification requirements are in place to prevent businesses from selling tobacco-based products to children online?

There are various laws and regulations in place in the UK to prevent the sale of e-cigarettes online.

These legislations include: 

- Children and Young Persons (Protection from Tobacco) Act 1991 

- Children and Young Persons (Sale of Tobacco etc) Order 2007 

- The Licensing Act (1964)

- The Licensing Act (2003)

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What benefits does OneID Age Verification bring to my business?

OneID Age Verification lets you:

  • Boost sales: OneID Age Verification lets your customers prove their age in under a minute, so you don’t lose customers to long checkout processes 
  • Simplify verification: OneID Age Verification reduces administrative load and costs with an automated process, plus the integration can be done in minutes 
  • Avoid prosecution: OneID Age Verification makes sure you meet all legal requirements for selling age-restricted goods 

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What are the benefits of OneID's Age Verification?

Why should your business use our service?

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"This feels a lot simpler than all of the other methods I've used before. With other solutions, I had to send in a photo of my passport and someone had to manually check it, so it took time and effort."

“It seemed very quick, very efficient I would say. I think this is a good system to verify your age. There is no uploading of your ID or anything like that. It was very fast and I like that it uses bank-verified data."

“I was a bit unsure what it would look like because I have never used OneID before, but that was totally fine. It is really quick and easy and convenient. I didn't have to bother with passport scans."